St Anne's Holiday Dialysis Centre is funded by the West London Hospitals Holiday Dialysis Trust (formerly Charing Cross Holiday Dialysis Trust) - Charity Registration No 265378.
Trust Objective
The West London Hospitals Holiday Dialysis Trust is a small independent registered charity established in 1971. This exists to provide holidays for kidney patients and their families at a holiday centre where renal dialysis facilities are available nearby.
The holiday centre is at St. Anne's, Havant Road in Emsworth, Hampshire, where patients from all hospitals are most welcome.

Our Management Committee
Mrs. Molly Adams
Ms. Priya Bhandari - Secretary
Professor Edwina Brown
Mrs Jo de Wardener MBE
Dr Peter E Gower - Chairman
Dr Andrew Frankel
Dr Peter Hill - Vice Chairman
Mr Simon Kendall - Treasurer
Mr Oliver Pearcey 
Mrs Brenda Pottle

At St Anne's
Mrs Veronica Cumming - Resident House Manager