How to Book
* Call 01243 376514 or email  to discuss availability and make a provisional booking.  Please note all bookings & dates must be agreed with the nurse manager prior to completion of booking form.  It is your responsibility to confirm your suitability for holiday dialysis with the staff at your renal centre.

Download and complete the booking form (following discussion with nurse manager) and send it together with your booking fee of £25 ( made payable to West London Hospitals Holiday Dialysis Trust) to St Anne’s Holiday Dialysis Centre, 34 Havant Road, Emsworth, PO10 7JG.
* You will receive written confirmation of your booking within 14 days, if booking for the following year please note confirmation will be sent out in the January of the year booked.  Please check your confirmation carefully and advise us immediately if anything appears incorrect. Later amendments may not be possible. If you have not received your confirmation within 14 days please contact us.

* It is possible to change dialysis days after booking but this must be discussed with nurse manager to ensure there are spaces on the days required 
Payment for accommodation (if applicable) is due in full at least four weeks before your arrival.

* Booking forms and deposit must be received within four weeks of the proposed holiday.  Failure to do this will result in cancellation of the holiday.

The booking fee of £25 will be returned to you on arrival at St Anne’s Holiday Dialysis Centre.